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Free for schools and families
Teaching on your doorstep in Pimlico
Encouraging new friendships
Enabling children to achieve their full musical potential

PMF'S RESPONSE TO COVID-19 - Spring 2020

Since the end of March 2020, PMF has suspended all contact activities (in-schools work, one-to-one instrumental lessons, the Pimlico Children’s Choir, Foundation Choir and Chorus).

PMF has remained committed to delivering the charity’s main aims of social work within the community and high-quality music education during this period of lock-down. Our work is monitored and assessed regularly to ensure we are providing the best quality we can whilst social-distancing.

We are proud to have organised a whole programme of online (through Zoom) musical events to keep those involved in our activities occupied during this time. Our Foundation Scholars are still receiving their instrumental lessons online, along with weekly singing lessons from our Teacher-Singer Team, and weekly at lunchtime on Wednesdays, the Foundation Scholars join with PMF Staff to perform on their instruments and listen to people’s choices of favourite music for discussion.

Over recent weeks, we have trialled Music Theory sessions in small groups with our Foundation Scholars, which have worked very well. We have now rolled this out across the members of Pimlico Children’s Choir as well. Our Adult Chorus also meets on Zoom each week to discuss and appreciate various styles of Music.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic and all the teachers have been superb. Thanks to you all for making such speedy adjustments to your practices. [He] is loving everything!” A Foundation Scholar parent.

PMF is now planning on running a Summer School during August. For more information, please click the button below.

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What is Pimlico Musical Foundation

The Pimlico Musical Foundation is a local charity which helps primary school children enjoy singing great music. To achieve this our specialist teachers run choirs and workshops for singers of different levels and ages.

We are:

  • Free for schools and families
  • Teaching on your doorstep in Pimlico
  • Encouraging new friendships
  • Enabling children to achieve their full musical potential

The Pimlico Musical Foundation is very proud to be an Additional Provider for the Tri-borough Music Hub.

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Sing With Us

The Pimlico Musical Foundation runs four different music programmes during term time, including after-school choirs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our programmes are open to children from all local primary schools. We also have an adult chorus that rehearses on Monday evenings.

Why Singing?

Singing in choirs is social – at our end of term concerts and weekly choir rehearsals, we encourage new friendships between both children and parents.

A child can progress quickly in singing, boosting their self-confidence – 80% of PMF children report increased confidence after participating in concerts and 90% want to participate in future concerts.

Singing enriches your child’s wider education – learning a challenging musical skill like sight-singing early-on is great for children’s cognitive development – not only will it promote their music learning, but also their achievements in other school subjects.

Singing is fun!

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For those children who aren't so academic; this is something that they can possibly excel at and succeed in. Sometimes at school they're told 'you can't do this, you can't do that' whereas here is where they're able to succeed. I think that's especially important when music and sports are being cut at school.

- Parent of a PMF student


The Pimlico Musical Foundation runs several performances throughout the year. Typically, we have a concert at the end of each term, which involves all of our singing groups. Participants on some of our programmes perform more regularly.

Summer School 2020

28 August, 2020,

Admission Free

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My daughter has become so much more confident since learning with PMF and I can’t wait to see how she develops more.

- Parent of a PMF student


We currently have no vacancies.

Please note that Pimlico Musical Foundation institutes its own checks on successful applicants with the Disclosure and Barring Service. Failure to declare any convictions (that are not subject to DBS filtering) may disqualify you for appointment or result in summary dismissal if the discrepancy comes to light subsequently.