Sing With Us

Do you want to join a choir in your local area but aren't sure where to start looking? This page will give you all the information you need.

I was so happy when I found out that there was something extra to do musically. Most schools aren't even doing music or art or drama at all anymore. They focus so much on the academics. We don't want our children to become robots!

- Parent of a PMF student

The Pimlico Musical Foundation runs a number of different programmes throughout term time, including after-school choirs, in-school singing projects and individual instrumental and singing lessons throughout the week. Our Adult Chorus rehearses weekly in the evening.

Our Programmes

Adult Chorus 1

Pimlico Children’s Choir

An extra-curricular class for 40 enthusiastic students.

Pimlico Musical Foundation 2

Foundation Scholars

A group of 18 of the most talented young musicians in Pimlico.

Adult Chorus

Adult Chorus

An adult choir that sings with the children at their termly concerts. We rehearse on Monday evenings and anyone can join!


Why Singing?

Singing in choirs can help children to develop life-enhancing skills. Singing is social – at our weekly rehearsals and end of term concerts, we encourage new friendships between both children and parents across the community.

Children can progress quickly in singing, boosting their self-confidence. 80% of PMF children report increased confidence after participating in concerts and 90% want to participate in future concerts

I've learnt a lot. I've learnt how to read music. I've learnt singing notes and I've learnt how to sing higher. If you sing higher you need to use your eyebrows. It's called the head voice.

- Student

Singing enriches a child’s wider education – learning a challenging musical skill like sight-singing early-on is great for cognitive development; not only will it promote music learning, but statistics show that it enhances learning in other subjects.

Singing is fun!

I haven't come across a service that is willing to support as much as this.

- Rebecca Anson, Headteacher of St Gabriel's Primary School

In-Schools Work

The PMF works with all state schools in Pimlico, reaching approximately 700 children per year, enhancing existing musical provision in the area. Our specialist music teachers work with each of our partner schools to improve access to high quality music for Pimlico’s children.

Musical training can be a crucial part of a child’s education. Research shows that just eight weeks of music can significantly improve a child’s perception, language and literacy skills, and have a significant impact on their personal and social development. Evidence shows that group music lessons promote social cohesion and result in increased levels of engagement amongst young people. All this can change a child’s life chances and career prospects.

Our team at PMF goes to local schools, taking school assemblies and running school choirs. At the end of each term, the PMF holds performances where children from the local state primary schools join and sing challenging music alongside professional conductors and singers.

With private tuition being inaccessible to many of Pimlico’s residents, we offer a potentially life-changing gateway to music, free of charge.

Find out more about the next performance the Primary Schools are involved in.