What We Do

Pimlico Musical Foundation was set up in 2015 to provide musical education to children across Pimlico.

What is the Pimlico Musical Foundation?

The Pimlico Musical Foundation was set up in 2015 to provide musical education to children across Pimlico.

Schools Programme

Working with five partner schools running timetables classes and assemblies.

Pimlico Children's Choir

An extra-curricular class for 40 enthusiastic students.

Foundation Scholars

A group of 18 of the most talented young musicians in Pimlico.

Adult Chorus

An adult choir that sings with the children at their termly concerts. We rehearse on Monday evenings and anyone can join!

Why Pimlico?

Despite appearances, Pimlico is a complex community, with areas of considerable wealth and considerable deprivation. A key aim of our charity is to improve community cohesion in the area and to alleviate need by providing a music education free of charge.

Why Music?

Music isn’t just about artistic expression (although that’s very important!).

Children with access to group musical training…

  • have better perception, language and literacy skills
  • have improved personal and social development
  • get on better with other children from different backgrounds
  • have increased levels of engagement in education
  • are likely to perform better across all of their academic subjects (including maths!)

The classes that James has taught have really benefited from receiving music teaching from a specialist, especially as music is a subject that many teachers do not feel confident in teaching; he has introduced fun and effective activities to enable the children to learn and it has been lovely to see children develop and be given the opportunity to reveal talents they may not otherwise have realised they had.

- Rebecca Anson, Head of St Gabriel's Primary School

How Do We Know It Works?

The Pimlico Musical Foundation’s Theory of Change underpins our core values and the impact that we hope to have on our community. Our Theory of Change contains the following information:

  • Research to support our claims that a music education can have a significant lasting impact on children’s lives
  • Information on need in Pimlico (i.e. why here?)
  • Our immediate, intermediate and distinct outcomes (i.e. the change we hope to make)
  • A measurement framework to ensure that we properly evaluate our projects and, in time, prove conclusively that what we do makes a real difference.

Please see our charity’s Theory of Change (Mark Mygrant, LSE)┬áhere.